Friday, October 3, 2008


Ive decided that its time for my kids to start having
regular chores. I don't recall when this began for me
as a child but the fact is it did start. They have been
helping with the little things for awhile now, its just recent
that at they are doing the bigger things. Its still new enough
that they think it is fun, so I took pics today of what great
kids I really do have!
Madison dusting......"can i spray by myself this time, please mom!"
Hope cleaning the bathroom(except the toilet), "I like cleaning the bathroom, can I do upstairs too!"
Devon vacuuming......"I do it myself Mommy...stop!"he only missed 2 spots this time.....hes a great vacuumer
Fintin just sucking his thumb.......thats enough of a chore for now!
Madison actually dusting.

Putting the laundry basket!
After all that I went to take a shower, when I came down I was sure to find some sorta mess, instead I found Madison making lunch....she did a really great job too.....she made peanut butter and honey, fruit snacks, crackers and marshmallows. it was a very fun day and now we are off to the dollar store(cause Im el cheapo) to reward the hard work.
Devon enjoying Madisons lunch
Hope wanting more fruit snacks


Lauri said...

Katie you're kids look so cute and like such good helpers! I'm having fun reading your blog - kep it up!

Aleah said...

Madison is getting so grownup!! I can't believe she is really in kindergarten!!!! Hope has come a long ways since she had her last surgery!! You are doing a great job with her! And Devon and Fintin are as cute as always! I am proud of Devon for pottytraining!!
HOpefully Hope will potty train soon too!! And then before you know it you will be potty training Finn!! But first he has to learn how to do some other stuff like scoot than situp than crawl and walk and talk so it may be a while so don't get depressed thinking about potty training him!!!

lovedkat said...

Aleah....Dont worry, Im very happy to just let him suck his thumb, no need to worry bout any of that other stuff yet!

Katie said...

I don't know how you do it all. You do it with such grace too. I think my mom had 13 kids so she could have 13 slaves. What she wasn't expecting was the giant messes that we were going to make everyday, and only cleaning them half ass. Not enough beatings, I guess. Actually, only one of my sisters actually cleaned the rest of us just hid the mess.

Anonymous said...

What good helpers!

sarastrasser said...

Who is .???

I am totally calling CPS.

ahab said...

In the home i grew up in we had servants who did the cleaning... I am serious.

Angie said...

After they get done doing your house, PLEASE come over to mine! It needs to be dusted daily. Blasted Moscow and its never ending wind full of dust!

Anonymous said... you sarastrasser!!!

Trina said...

Hey Katie,

I've crashed your blog. Feel free to visit mine and make comments so I'm not too lonely in my part of blog world. Oh yeah, and maybe you could teach my boys to do chores (happily would be a great bonus).