Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginger Bread Houses......'Tis The Season

Well I was trying to be festive and create memories for my kids, so I had them invite friends from the niehborhood over and make ginger bread houses! It was a lot of fun. I had Madison invite her friend from down the street and she brought her sister and her sisters friend, who ended up being diabetic! I was so scrared to have her here when i saw the pump hanging out of her tummmy, i tried to very sweetly uninvite the uninvited by leaving and pretending to not be ready yet, but when I returned well they had all come back! OY! Anwyays I couldnt stall anymore so we got to it. I had gone to get my sister to help me out as always....thanks Aleah, and we got to it. It was busy and messy and tons of fun! The kids were so good and they were very creative and stuck to it till they were done. I was so proud of them, it was a great memory that they will all remember for ever.

The friend that was supposed to be invited....well her sister was invited to but it makes the story better when i tell it my

Aleahs bus and car... very creative

Omars friend....building a shack

Omar very serious.....his frosting was my first attempt and he was very patient with the hard clump that was not so cooperative.

Hope...just getting started

The friends sister

The friend of the sister....she was very good about not eating the poisoined candy! proud of her creation

Devon...he was happy and had tons of fun but just wanted to look at his picture, he wont smile till he holds the camera

The group....It was tons of fun to watch and do.