Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We decided to be very festive this last Halloween and do lots of fun things. Well we ended up only doing 2 really fun things cause this one got spendy. But it was worth it and Im excited for Christmas to do this same thing. We were supposed to go on a train ride from Horseshoe bend out to a pumkin patch. We got to the train station, which was fun and festive, and nobody was complaining about anything.....yet! We were all bundled up thinking it was going to be really cold, well at least we were prepared. When we were finally able to board up we didnt want to get back off the train so we just sat and waited, unfortunantely nobody told us that trains are broiling hot! And we had to wait on there for about an hour! then the complaints started. The little treats and things I had brought were no longer good enough and I was desperate to make this a fun experience. So to the treat and toy trolly we went. They all got tons of treats and still had a great time. My sister Aleah was with us to help out with the kids. We had our 10 year old pcs kid our 5 year old 4 year old 3 year old and 4 month old, and remember that we are all miserably hot and trying to hold onto our coats and blankets and thigs.....really it was a good time. I stripped the baby down to his onsie and that seemed to help. Aleah walked the kids up and down the aisles, and then we heard it....."ALL ABOARD".......Aleah came back to sit with me and was all gitty then she said"did you hear it" "hear what" " i got to say the big all aboard" . It was so much fun!

Madison decided to protect our pile of pumpkins so nobody else could steel them, then eveyone had to have their pics taken on the pile....my kids are so stinkin cute

Devon the next protector

Hope seems to have lost the pile

Devon....."dont touch my punkin"

Me and my precious Fintin

Steve with Omar and Devon....notice his hands are free and not holding anything.....hmm?

Thanks Aleah for coming to help me out.....couldnt have made this very fun memory with out you.......you are awesome

They really had fun and love talking about the train ride.....I just wish that wed worn shorts!

Steve and the boys


eekareek said...

Looks like fun except the freakishly long wait, sweaty hot train and complaining kids.

Trina said...

Sounds fun actually. My grandpa was an engineer on the railroad and I got to go on a free train ride when I was young. Fun memory. Now my brother's an engineer, hmm, maybe another free train ride? Yeah right. Lol. Could be a fun tradition. I agree, your kids are adorable. I wish you could have known mine when they were your kids ages.

Jenny ESP said...

Freakishly cute kids!

Synergy Girl said...

Oh...I just got your message on my blog! Wish I woulda known that your kids were comin!! We were trying to get kids trick-or-treating, and get our party set up, so it was getting to hard having to stop every two seconds to answer the door....ah well! hope you guys are doing good, it was nice to see you last night even though it was kinda random and brief.

Angie said...

We've always wanted to do something like that, what a fun thing for you guys to do. Love the pictures!

Aleah said...

I have to agree that the train was really hot, but it was still fun!!! I just wish it was a real pumpkin patch! Thanks for having me come along it was trains of fun!!! LOL